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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Everyone has gone normal fishing before. Some of you maybe have even gone deep sea fishing or beach fishing or maybe even ice fishing. But what about the part of fishing that gets overlooked. What about fly fishing. I am sure you have heard of fly fishing in fact countless books have been

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Skills Demonstration

  The skills I’ve learned in Modern Media have enabled me to do things for other people. Whether its videos for my family or for my sister’s photography.

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Baseball Vs Softball

What is Harder to hit, a Softball or Baseball? As Open Doors baseball and softball seasons came to a close this week, both of the teams wanted to honor their seniors, so Coach Loescher organized a Senior Night Softball game. The catchers Lauryn Brown and Zach Strouse were the captains for both teams and picked

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Dazzle Awards!

On May 20th Open Door students sat anxiously awaiting some of the most exciting news they have ever received! The second annual Dazzle Awards at Playhouse Square were a huge success for the Open Door drama department, are we are so proud of everyone involved. See just how it went down below!

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If We Weren’t The Patriots…

Modern media decided to ask some people around Open Door what they would change the mascot to if they had to. Disclaimer, we are NOT changing the school mascot.

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