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What’s The Riot? Episode 6

IT”S BASKETBALL SEASON HERE AT THE HOME OF THE PATRIOTS!!! Here at WTR we are thrilled to be spending time with our basketball players and overseeing their spectacular careers as an athlete. During these upcoming weeks, we will bring you an exclusive look at some events that happen on and off the court. Hope you

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Bowling Introductions 2017-18

Good Luck to the men and women of Patriot Bowling in the upcoming 2017-18 season. Go Patriots!  

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Cheerleading Introductions

Good Luck to the Cheerleaders this season as they pump up the crowd for the basketball games. Go Patriots!

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Girls Varsity Basketball Player Introductions 2017-18

Good Luck to the Lady Patriots in the upcoming 2017-18 Varsity Basketball Season!  Enjoy these player introductions.

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What Are You Thankful For?

Modern Media interviewed ODCS students and staff on what they are thankful for and some traditions they have for Thanksgiving. Enjoy a special commentary with Mr. Wallace about the best things of Thanksgiving.  

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Modern Media Students