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What’s The Riot? Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the What’s The Riot? Podcast! ODCS HAS A PODCAST?!?!?!? It’s no rumor! What is this podcast about? This podcast will talk about our wonderful high school sports, and professional sports of our time. We hope you enjoy this podcast! God bless you all! Today’s episode is on our Varsity Boys Football Team. ?

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What it Takes: Soccer Edition

After coaching sports at Open Door for the past 17 years, Coach Matt Loescher has decided to become an athlete again.  Coach Loescher will be visiting ODCS sports teams and going through practice as an athlete.  If the players run, Coach L runs.  If the players do sit-ups, Coach L does sit-ups.  Enjoy learning about

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Lauryn and Jing Student Interview

Lauryn Brown and Jing Lin sat down to chat about themselves for a bit.

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Episode 1- Modern Media The Series

Episode One of A New Series by Max Torres

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2017 ODCS Homecoming Court Nominations

You will be asked to nominate three young men and three young women who will be voted on later this week. Ballot doesn’t appear? Make sure to log into your school google account before accessing the ballot. still not working… Voting is now closed

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Modern Media Students