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If We Weren’t The Patriots…

Modern media decided to ask some people around Open Door what they would change the mascot to if they had to. Disclaimer, we are NOT changing the school mascot.

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Art 2

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in high school art at Open Door? We sat down with three of the students in Art 2 to learn all about it!    

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Annie: Behind The Curtain/ March 11

3rd piece of this series about the behind the scenes of the Spring Musical Annie.

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Should eSports be Considered Sports?

eSports or electronic sports has grown immensely over the last couple of years, with pro gamers competing for thousands of dollars in tournaments, and recently these tournaments have become televised. This recent popularity has sparked a debate over whether or not it should be considered a sport. Competitive gamers practice for hours upon hours to

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I Love Hannah and Jing

We sat down to talk with Hannah and Jing about some of their craziest memories, and found that their relationship is quite similar to another iconic TV duo…

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