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Athlete Spotlight: Julianna Mindling

We had the opportunity to interview Senior Juliana Mindling and ask her about her final season of volleyball at Open Door.

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Dilemmas with Daniel 3

In our third installment of Dilemmas with Daniel, Mr. Daniel addresses some questions about dress code.

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A Day in the Life of Josh: Life in the Netherlands

Hello everyone! It’s Josh (the guy who moved to Holland :P) This is the first in a series of installments about my life as an American living in the Netherlands! Later installments will explore things like culture, school, people, etc. Until then, enjoy!

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Connect Square Blue

Connect Preview

A new school year always brings a lot of change and the 2016-17 school year is no different.  This year, we have one day a week set aside for Connect Time.  This allows students to grow in their relationship with the Lord in some unique ways.  Check out our preview of the options being offered

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The Final Office Episode

This is the final episode of the Office, for now………Brush up on your Dutch and we will see you next season 😉  We will miss you Josh!  

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